Our RF design experience includes custom products such as our HEMT Bias Controller, MRGS to MPII Interface Unit, X-band DTG, and L-band DTG featured below.

Custom Products
Product Name Description
 HEMT Bias Controller

The HBC-1 provides an integrated solution to the biasing of HEMT devices used in millimeter wave amplifiers. These devices require tight control of the gate voltage to prevent damage to the gate and to stabilize the RF parameters such as gain and power output. In MMICs, minimization of biasing components is critical to packaging density. The HBC-1 requires only one external component other than the current sense resistor in the HEMT drain lead.

 MRGS to MPII Interface Unit

Provides an interface between the host range communications link (HRCL) and the MRGS allowing the range users to use their existing Full-rate Production (FRP) MRGSs with the new Message Processor II (MPII) based ARDS Data Link Ground System with minimal re-configuration.

 L-Band Doppler Target Generator

  • Frequency: 1.0 to 1.5 GHz
  • RCS: -50 to +23 dBsm
  • Doppler: +/- 6.5 kHz (6 Hz resolution)
  • Helicopter blade flash, variable RCS & flash duration
  • Range: 2 km to instrumented range

  •  X-Band Doppler Target Generator

  • Frequency; 8-12 GHz
  • RCS: -30 to +20 dBm
  • Doppler: +/- 40 kHz (30 Hz resolution)
  • Blade Flash available
  • Range: 2km to instrumented range

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